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I’m Annette

Come learn with me!

I will share from my 20 years of fashion industry experience and having spent the past 10 years working with helping start-up and small fashion brands to learn about the industry and take their design to production.

I have learnt about each step needed, and know exactly what they need both by helping others and also by having my own fashion brand for 6 years before I had my kids.

I learned how to create the best tech packs, how to find and communicate with manufacturers, make the sampling process run smoothly and how to sell the products, and I’ve helped others do the same.

Let’s grow your business from the inside out

If you have a dream to start a fashion brand or have a design or textile business you want to grow, I am going to show you exactly how to master the design and manufacturing process.

Our goal is to teach you to make the process of manufacturing much easier than going at it alone. You will love our community and have lots of fun with like-minded whilst learning a lot about the fashion industry and textile soft goods manufacturing and filling in your gaps and helping you launch your textile product or fashion line!

This is an amazing opportunity for creative entrepreneurs and I'd love you to join us in learning and building your business.

'I loved Annette's class!

She shared very valuable information that I found extremely valuable even with years of experience in the fashion and textile industry. You can tell that she has a lot of experience in the field and I'm glad that she is sharing all these insights that would take me years to get on my own!'

- Lucia Sanguinetti-Jonescheit, Childrenswear designer

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